Community Education and Engagement – Want to learn more about End Of Life ideas and planning? Think talking about death is taboo? Getting comfortable with preparing for the eventualities of life actually improves our quality of life.

Guidance for Families – Assistance setting up the space to cater to the needs and wishes of your loved one. Ranging from simple bed placement to guidance for visitors to lessening intrusive noise to introducing soothing sounds and smells to whatever your loved one desires.

Legacy Work and Life Review – What has life meant? What wishes are held for the remainder of this life? What feelings have you left for your loved ones? We can reach for a feeling of peace moving into transition. Together.

Vigil and Transition – When a person begins the process of Active Dying, the Vigil begins. Never alone, unless specifically stated, we make the space especially comforting. In the hours or days while a loved one is withdrawing, it is such a gift to accompany them.

Respite Visit – This is geared toward the caregiver. Do you need some time alone? A visit to the grocery? Time with the rest of your family? A solid 8 hours of sleep, perhaps? No request is too trivial.

Assistance with Process of Cleaning Home of Loved One – This can be so difficult. Rife with emotion and attachment, the objects left by a loved one can be overwhelming. This is so normal. Having an objective guide can really set the wheels in motion for the future that fully respects the past.

In-home Meal Preparation with or without Grocery Shopping – Easily accommodating all choices or allergies with skill and flavor. One meal or days’ worth of meal prep available. Let’s discuss!

Navigation of Legal Process after Death – The paperwork is totally doable. I can help you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s.