I am Renee, an End of Life Doula trained by INELDA. I listen to you, hear you, comfort you, and help you decide what your days before, during, and after transition will look like. This is not taboo. This is life. We all come to this point. We can find and celebrate the Joy entwined in this time.

Ready or not, here we are. It feels scary, and I’m here to help. Whether naturally aging, newly diagnosed as terminal, or concluding a long fight, this work will help. We can move through your feelings as deeply as you care to. You are the conductor here; this journey is all about you.

If, instead, you are struggling with walking a family member through their last days, I can help you with that as well. You are not alone. I commend you for showing up for your person. This is big life stuff, and you’re doing it!

Let’s get to it, shall we? Together, we will find comfort while celebrating all that life holds.