As it would happen, I was lucky enough to be invited to join the sweetest 100 year old for her transition. What a blessing! She wasn’t sick at all, took no meds, and had a full life behind her. To be a part of the loving family that surrounded her was such an honor!

She moved to Costa Rica, with a huge smile on her face, the day after her 100th birthday celebration! Warm days, bird watching, reading, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and watching glorious sunsets passed the time. Music, hand-holding, and sweet exchanges were all around.

The slowing changes were seen and noted; everyone adjusted accordingly. She was never alone. The end was a continued withdrawal and slowing that progressed to a peaceful, sleeping passage. Textbook perfect for her and the family, and spiritually quite moving for me.

We lovingly washed and readied her for her journey home to Georgia at a slow and deliberate pace. A completely beautiful process; I’ve never experienced anything like it. I cannot express my gratitude with words. I hope to continue to practice this work as a living, loving tribute to this experience.