For You

Here’s an invitation to imagine your last, peaceful moments. Do you want people around? Want to be alone? Want music? Quiet? There are no wrong answers here. This is all about what YOU want.

These are things that we sometimes avoid thinking about, but really, once attempted, it brings a sense of peace. These decisions don’t have to be made in stone right now. Feel free to gently mull it over. Get a general idea about your feelings, then talking about it feels more like planning than like fearing. We ALL get to do this one last adventure. Why not give it some thought time?

I Went to a Death Cafe

The name sounds a little brash, but it’s really the most supportive and safe space for talking or listening about life and death. I’ve known of these wonderful events for a while now; they’re typically a small gathering over coffee and little snacks. But in their new incarnation, we’re online–and that makes it all the more accessible!

Death Cafe is a global, voluntary organization that works as a structure for completely unstructured event where anyone can visit with others and talk about life and death. Their website says “Our objective is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives’.” It’s all confidential, respectful, and feels so supportive.

I’ve met the most wonderful people from all over the world. I’m sure the motives are as varied as the attendants, and have felt so honored to speak with folks that are terminal, folks that have lost loved ones, folks that are caring for terminal loved ones, and also folks that just want to talk and learn about death as it applies to every living human.

Thank you, Death Cafe! You are such a needed organization. I find myself inspired to host one soon…maybe I’ll see you there.